A collection of watercolor illustrations painted for Silver Linings, a 2019 book by Elizabeth Hudson. Copies are available from the Our State Store.

"Silver Linings" book cover; copies are available from the Our State Store, at the link below
In Search of Summer
Save Room
On this Mountain Morning
Love, Everlasting
Shall We Gather at the River
As Good as it Gets
Wheels Turning
Crafting a Good Life
Homeward Bound
We Are All Keepers
Things You Find When You're Not Looking
The Simplest Summer
Gone Visiting
Bowls Full
Halcyon Days and Daylilies
Advice For a First Time Camper?
This is Christmas
The Warmest Place in North Carolina
Pie, Plain and Simple
Wish List
And Many More
Fight On
Summer Sounds Like This
Silver Linings
Gold Standard
Witching Hour
House Warming
A Love Letter
Spring Forward
Season of Light
Peace, Love, and Lunch at the K&W
Star Attraction
The Perfect Scoop
Spoonful of Sugar
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